Zero VOC paint

Eco-Wise has a variety of zero VOC (volatile organic compound) house paint. Formaldehyde-free, and low odor, our paints have great coverage (350 to 400 square feet per gallon), and we even have a latex-free paint for those with latex sensitivity/allergy. We have our own colors, but we can also match most other paint companies’ colors.

Eco Homes

We Build Tiny Homes!

We design and build "tiny" homes for on-wheels or for on slabs!

Eco-friendly! Low/Zero VOC! All-Natural! Warranty in YOUR name on the trailer!

Ecowise has been locally owned and operated for 25 years right here in Austin as a "eco-friendly everything" store carrying products from eco-baby to home building supplies to biodiesel to children's toys.

We are now moving in a new direction focusing on the individual desires of being green on-the-go and honing in on the tiny homes as the average person is now concentrating on eliminating unnecessary things and scaling down their lifestyle.

INTRODUCING THE ECOWISE TINY HOME! Pick from one of our many designs or design one yourself! Outfit it to the max or just get the shell! Make it on-the-go or stationary on your property! Slab or with wheels!


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