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Ballerina Jewelry Box sale Color Changing Top Extreme Sky Glider
Color Changing Top
Our Price: $17.95
Extreme Sky Glider
Our Price: $8.95
Fairy twirls when opened, and the box shimmers in light and plays "Swan Lake". Ages 8+ Wondrous and beautiful. Colors bloom from blue to red to yellow as top spins. 10 1/4" tall. This classic glider is made of wood, cloth and metal. Assorted colors. Ages 5 and up.
Jaw Harp Jetfire - Balsa Wood Glider Jumbo Sidewalk Chalk
Jaw Harp
Our Price: $3.95
Jumbo Sidewalk Chalk
Our Price: $5.95
This jaw harp is a classic. Hours of twangy fun! A high performance flyer with the style of a jet fighter. Large 12" wing span with a built in dihedral. 10 pieces of colorful 4" sidewalk chalk in a handy reusable bucket. Ages 3+.
Kazoo Little Red Accordion Made By Me - wooden vehicle kit
Our Price: $2.25
Little Red Accordion
Our Price: $29.95
If you can HUM, you can KAZOO! It's the original PA system, no electricity necessary. Finely crafted accordion, wood construction with durable plastic coating. Easy to learn instruction sheet with songs included. Get our four original Made By Me kits in one box. Includes blank pine bodies for a train, tugboat, tractor, and truck plus hardwood wheels and axles for each.
Music Maker Newton's Cradle Panda's Pick Backgammon
Music Maker
Our Price: $5.95
Newton's Cradle
Our Price: $9.95
Panda's Pick Backgammon
Our Price: $15.95
This sweet little music box lets you see its inner workings. Great as a stocking stuffer or party favor. Newton's Cradle is fun as well as scientific. It demonstrates kinetic energy, every action having an equal but opposite reaction. 9" x 9" bamboo board with pieces and cloth. Ages 6 and up.
Sky Streak - balsa airplane Starfire - Balsa Wood Glider Tin Penny Whistle
Tin Penny Whistle
Our Price: $3.95
A long time best selling motorplane. This toy airplane has a one piece wing with a built-in dihedral. A hefty glider especially designed for strong "baseball arms". Kids love to rear back and heave this racy job. The penny whistle is a classic you'll never outgrow.
Wooden Recorder Wooden Recycling Truck Scoot Wooden Train Whistle
Wooden Recorder
Our Price: $7.95
Wooden Train Whistle
Our Price: $5.95
This carved wooden recorder comes boxed with a cleaner. The recorder is a choice instrument of such biggies as James Dean, Paul McCartney, Sarah Vowell, and Rainn Wilson. Our Natural Recycling Truck Scoot is a simple, durable wooden vehicle great for toddlers and sized perfectly for playmats. This is a great, old fashioned train whistle, and it's the best one we've heard. Made using sustainably harvested wood.
Wooden Xylophone
Wooden Xylophone
Our Price: $13.95
Brightly colored metal plates create soft tones with the 2 included sticks. Notes printed on plates for easy play.