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Eco-Wise has you covered for your non-toxic cleaning needs. We carry, among other brands, Biokleen and Earth Friendly products, Charlie's Soap, Dr. Bronner's, Kirk's Castile soaps, and more.
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Bon Ami powder cleanser - 14 oz. Biokleen All Purpose Cleaner - quart Biokleen APC concentrate refill - quart
Bon Ami still uses the trademark feldspar and limestone as gentle, effective abrasives. Biokleen Spray & Wipe is one of the safest, most versatile cleaners on the market. Concentrated - Dilute to refill your APC spray bottle.
Biokleen Bac-Out - quart Earth Friendly Shower Kleener - 32 fl. oz. Earth Friendly Toilet Cleaner - 24 fl. oz.
Biokleen Bac-Out - quart
Our Price: $12.95
Bac-Out’s live enzyme-producing cultures attack pet, food and beverage stains, organic waste, and odors. Cleans and protects! Cleans everyday spills and splatters of soap scum, toothpaste, cosmetics and hard water spots on sinks, bath tubs, showers, mirrors and counters. EF toilet bowl cleaner is formulated with cedar oil and citric acid to safely and effectively clean and deodorize toilets, urinals and other ceramic bathroom surfaces.
Earth Friendly Carpet Shampoo_40 oz. Earth Friendly Dishmate Ultra - Free & Clear 25 fl. oz. Earth Friendly Dishmate Ultra - Lavender 25 fl. oz.
Earth Friendly Products’ Carpet Shampoo with Bergamot & Sage is the first-ever replenishable, ecologically sound rug cleaner, for use in hot or cold-water extraction machines. A powerful hand dish washing product that is naturally hard on grease and not your skin. A powerful hand dish washing product that is naturally hard on grease and not your skin.
Wave Auto Dishwasher Gel Biokleen Automatic Dish Powder - 32oz. Biokleen Laundry Liquid - citrus essence - 64 oz.
Wave Auto Dishwasher Gel
Our Price: $12.95
New High Performance Wave Gel has been rated as the most effective natural auto dish product. Biokleen Automatic Dish Powder removes tough baked-on-food and grease, while natural oxygen bleach helps rid of stains. Biokleen laundry liquid removes tough stains and odors and rinses clean, without leaving residues.
Biokleen Oxygen Bleach Plus - 32 oz. Ecos Laundry Detergent - free & Clear - 100 oz. Ecos Laundry Detergent - magnolia and lily - 100 oz.
Naturally Brightens, Whitens & Softens. This made-from-plant liquid laundry detergent is free of essential oil fragrances, soy softeners and optical brighteners. This 2X concentrated liquid laundry detergent cleans & protects your clothes. Made entirely from plants, with a built-in fabric softener.
Natural Choices Oxy-grout - 14 oz. BioShield Floor Soap - 1 liter Austin Air Purifier - Baby's Breath
Oxy-Grout safely cleans your grout and gets rid of mold and mildew. BioShield Floor Soap will clean and protect interior floors made of wood, cork, linoleum, and stone. Free Shipping!
Uniquely designed to protect your baby from air contamination
Mosquito Barrier Mosquito Dunks® - 6-pack Orange Guard
Mosquito Barrier
Our Price: $29.95
Mosquito Dunks® - 6-pack
Our Price: $12.95
Orange Guard
Our Price: $11.95
The no-chemical, no-poison answer to your mosquito and tick problem! America’s best selling home owner mosquito control product. The active ingredient d-Limonene (orange peel extract) destroys the wax coating of the insect's respiratory system. When applied directly, the insect suffocates.